Xilfinyæ are the part of a universe that does not truly exist. Rather, it is a portion of the quantum sector of a universe that contains all the hopes, dreams, ideas, and frustrations of all life in that universe. As one could assume, some xilfinyae (in their spelling for people to lazy to actually write æ) are very, VERY full (such as the one in the Universe of Universe), while some are very empty (such as the one in the universe Argurg). It is also important to note that a paper copy of The Technobabble Wiki exists in every single one.

Their importances in the GSOT is #100.

List of Notable Xilfinyae  Edit

Island of Zed (Universe of Universe, Universe of ect.)

Gy (Universe of Glint)

Okkiatonatiasosomeatimanntannqui (Venta)

The Ocean of Crystal (Bondon)

Offical Zone of Xilfinyae- Overbearing Goverment Approved! (Goverment Approved Universe)

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