Wikipedia is one of the oldest known Internet resources, and an insightful look at life before the advent of the Holo-network on 2010. Preserved on an old "server", it is now a Holo-net resource and one of the most visited reference sites in the multiverse.

History Edit

Beginning/Pre-fall HistoryEdit

For information on Wikipedia Before the fall, please visit this Wikipedia Page.

Last daysEdit

Starting during late 2008, Wikipedia began fall. Recent waves of widespread vandalism and a lack of funds sent Wikipedia only worsened the situation during the advent of the Holo-net on 2010. Not being able afford the price to convert the site to the Holo-net, Wikipedia was forgotten on the Ruins of the Internet. Things worsened further when the 2020 information wipeout killed almost all versions of Wikipedia on the RuinWeb, except for a disconnected backup server hidden in a bomb shelter in Antarctica.

Lost YearsEdit

Wikipedia was almost perfectly preserved in a bomb shelter in Antarctica. Interestingly, the server was protected by a Self-Replicating Energy Shell. This was a problem as the Energy Shell was not invented by SmarT Co. Inc. Industries until 2156, almost 150 years later. There has been speculation that SmarT meddled with the time stream again, the most least plausible explanation considering SmarT's past. Otherwise, there is no evidence of anything else happening during this time that has significance.


Wikipedia was rediscovered by archeologist Jonathan Marks on February 29, 2212 wile he was on the first mission to Earth since its decivilization almost a hundred years before. As described by Jonathan himself:

"Traversing the Forests that were once Antarctica's great glaciers, we came opon a puzzling building that was not on any record of our Pre-decivilization records. It was a bunker type building, made of Iron that was rusting apart from the daily rains there. It was covered in overgrowth, it looked strangely fresh. It was like someone had polished it only a week before. Intrigued, my team and I investigated the site. Removing the large, rusty door that had at one time been impervious before the hinges had rusted off, we ducked inside the low bunker. Inside was almost nothing. Almost."

He had found what would be the most important discovery to 21st-century archeology in the multiverse. Moving the server to the Museum for the History of Advanced Sciences, it would be the start of the Re-rise of Wikipedia.

Decoding the WikiEdit

At the time, the art of Binary had been lost, and also most computer technologies that involved the server, making the server almost like the Voynich manuscript, rendering it almost unsolvable. But a half-century later, the Rosetta CD was discovered on Earth mission 2, under uncanny similar circumstances as the discovery of Wikipedia (leading to more suspicions about SmarT's part in the discovery). It was a CD made by the Rosetta Stone Company that was designed to convert binary information on computers to the Tri-Syntax of the holonet. Thus, the long-unused Wikipedia was opened upon the Holo-net along with millions of articles about view of the world from the early 21st century, as what is considered one of the greatest discoveries of all time.


Today, The server Wikipedia was on is on display at the Museum for the History of Advanced Sciences. Although it no longer has the option of anyone editing it, due to a fear of vandalism to a priceless artifact (In fact, there are several hundred backups in case of a information disaster or other Wiki-threatening things.), Wikipedia is one of the most visited Holo-net resources ever. SmarT, being itself, has denied any claims that it had a part in the discovery. An alternate Wiki, called the Technobabble Wiki, now exists for post-Holo-net history.

Wikipedia's current importance in the GSOT stands at #112.