The Warp Lanes, also known as The Jump Zone, The Warpverse, and Vix's Universe, is a universe that has very similiar physics to the Universe of Universe's, except for the fact that the speed of light, and further, can be reached relitively easily. This has made it very important for within-universe space travel with the invention of the Universe Bubble. It should not be confused with Universe 88-A, as 88-A is used primarily for FTL (Faster than Light) travel.

Discovery Edit

The Warp Lanes was the 2,593,990th universe discovered by the Universe of Universe's Project Multiverse on December 26, 2086. Of course, the discovery of the relitively easy space travel there made the universe very exciting, but the power of the universe could not be harnessed at the time due to limits in technology and the lack of the existance of SmarT Co. Inc. Industries.

Application Edit

The warp lanes were first applied in space travel when the Universe Bubble was invented by Robert Gordon Freeman on September 12, 2101. After some law disputes with the combined forces of SmarT Co. Inc. Industries (ruled by Wallace Bran at the time) and the Coalition due to their work on similiar projects, Freeman managed to get the generater marketed across the known multiverse. Naturally, intresest was drawn towards the Warp Lanes once again, and soon every single ship was fitted with one to allow faster-than light travel, with relitively little power applied.

About the Warp noise Edit

When a ship uses the Warp Lanes to travel, a "warp" noise is not actually created, because the warping process is completely silent. However, due to earlier miconseptions about warping and many complaints about the lack of a warp noise, every ship now has a Stage Warper making the warp noise for the ship.