Universe M, better known as U-M, is a universe parallel to the Universe of Universe, identical in every aspect except that there is no lightspeed barrier. This has caused all sorts of problems in U-M, the foremost being that it is always on the brink of being torn apart by the various paradoxes that wreak havoc, but is continually repaired by those same paradoxes. Its population is zero, as any civilization that evolves on a patch of unparadoxed space sooner or later destroys it. The entire universe now is paradoxed space.


Universe M started out much like the Universe of Universe, with a Massive Expansion Outburst Wavefront Initiation of Nonmass Gravity, or Big Bang. Development after that was also mostly like the Universe of Universe up until the appearance of the Centaurans of U-M (herein referred to as the M-Centaurans). The M-Centaurans developed space travel and promptly went discovered superluminal i.e. faster than light travel and promptly paradoxed their entire sector. This did not go unnoticed by the M-Humans, who received several debris hits before the light-image got to them (they knew this because an experimental superluminal shuttle spotted the light-image and superluminally sent back word). This caused a stir, in that the M-Humans now knew the destructive capabilities of paradoxes. However, at the M-Isaacland Polaron Synchotron on its inauguration, the IPS Paradox occurred and thanks to the lack of a light barrier, destroyed the M-Earth. Similar accidents destroyed M-Earth's Colonies. No manned voyage has ever gone into Universe M from the U of U of U of U, but SmarT Co. Inc. Industries has been known to throw in political prisoners unneeded waste things in there from time to time in order to destroy them.

Tourist IndustriesEdit

It is not recommended that you visit Universe M. However, many people claim to have been there and survived. No living being has survived paradoxical destruction before, so one should accept these claims as baseless.


There is no conspiracy It has been rumored that a conspiracy like the claims around @noble exists by SmarT, and several pieces of evidence have been found no evidence has ever been found the conspiracy is real. SmarT has been covering up in order to launch a new attack these aren't the droids you're looking for There is insurmountable proof Thingy!

Its importance on the GSOT is #142.