Uiopasd is the moon of Qwerty, once known as Gravitational Aberration V-17a. All of Qwerty's Fictionium mining is managed and shipped from Uiopasd, as the moon was long depleted of its Fictionium when the mining first began. Uiopasd is a relatively small moon, being only about 2,100 km in diameter. It is divided into several administrative factions: Shipping, Receiving, Management, Slackers and Complaints. Only recently, Shipping and Receiving announced their upcoming merger.



Exports Fictionium off the system and regulates the Fictionium market.


Imports supplies and equipment from outside, distributes to Qwerty mines and other departments.


Manages the workloads of the departments, also occasionally beats up Slacker department.


Naturally slack, or do nothing.


Handle complaints from miners, customers, the Slacker and Management departments and themselves. Aspirin ordered for exclusive use of this department triple annually.

Its importance in the GSOT is #114.