Transisitonal Disrender

A transisitional disrender graphed.

A transisitonal disrender is a fault in the matrix of a Space-Time-Brizo system. It generally results in the disappearance of planets and creation of Quantum Space Pockets . The common misconception is that the planet "falls" somewhat into a "tear" in space when a transistional disrender occurs, when the truth is usually more subtle in that the transistional disrender causes a part of space to close off from the surrounding space, essentially creating a quantum space pocket. Planets that get captured with their sun usually are destroyed by the Mitchelton Effect, where light travels from the sun and inevitably fries the planet after going through every point in the new pocket universe. Planets captured without their sun usually become exotic planets.

Transistional disrenders are often confused with quantum fluxuations thanks to their shared ability of creating quantum space pockets.

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