The time police are a force of the universe that has always existed; they are spread throughout space-time, hidden as your toaster, Swiss cheese, or even a normal policeman. They keep themselves hidden from civilization until there is a point in time where they create time travel, and then they reveal themselves. They are supposed to keep time the way it is supposed to be; but as of late, they have been more lax and have even accepted bribes.

Origins Edit

Not much is know about the time police, other than they have always existed in the multiverse, and always will, and probably always have. It is suspected that they are a different species because of this, and also due to their amazing shape-shifting powers, but that is usually accredited to their advanced technology. It is also suspected they are agents from the 4th Dimension Federation Council. Some time officers have let slip they are from the "center", however no one knows what this "center" is.

Tech Edit

Police helmet

There is more to a time policeman than it seems; an a look at a time officer's usually invisible infrared visor

Time police have technology that is thousands of years beyond any multiverse technology; also meaning it is exactly on par with multi-dimensional technology. They have eye implants that let them see their infrared visors to allow them to access technology without being given away. They have blasters that can paralyze or even kill an enemy if it just grazes by a hair or a single thread, but it cannot be seen or felt by innocent bystanders because of quote: "thought-locked blasters". They have suits that can (apparently) change the appearance of an officer, that feel authentic, but however can withstand a blast from something a little less than an @-bomb, and the suit does not hinder movement, but rather enhance it. However, the technology does have some weaknesses as it cannot stand the power of a brizoexplosion, as shown in the Time Paradox of 1943.

Recent examples of laxness Edit

Recently, the time police have been increasingly lax about enforcement and have even taken bribes from SmarT Co. Inc. Industries. They did not manage to stop the Time Paradox of 1943, even though were fighting a normal man with only an antiplasma rifle. They allowed the Nongenderspecifichattan Project to happen due to a bribe from SmarT Co. Inc. Industries, and they have allowed numerous other time travelers to affect the time stream. However, as it is unknown to whom they answer to, and all questions about events such as these are always met with the simple reply in that they intended to change the time stream as such, as it would lead to an acceptable outcome. However, in the case of the Nongenderspecifichattan Project, the production of @-bombs ultimately resulted in the SmarT War of 2134, leading to questioning of the authenticity of such a response.

Political Response Edit

SmarT, the Entente and the Coalition all want some of the technology that the time police posses to tip the scales for them. The Entente and Coalition respect the time police and therefore are on good terms with them. However, SmarT is rude and demanding to them, and the time police don't like SmarT in general, although they will still take bribes from them.

Their importance in the GSOT is #9.