The Time Agents were once a major time-crimefighting agency, with links everywhere and nowhere. They were supplanted by the Time Police and eventually were eliminated by a combination of assassinations, suicide, and old age. The One-Thousand-and-Twenty-Second Agent, or Agent1022, is the last known agent still in service.

History Edit

Similarly to the Time Police, the Time Agents appear to have always been, and always are, and, however, may not be in the future due to extinction. They seem to be a cousin of the Time Police, but are much more mysterious, so much so that last one of them, The One-Thousand-and-Twenty-Second Agent has no clue about their culture or anything of that sort besides a case of purple swiss cheese (meaning possibly that the Time Agents were cheese lovers) and a few classic Time Agent items like a pocketwatch that allows the user to travel through time. The slightest bit of history, recovered from the home of the burned house of an undercover Time Agent:

"The Time Agents were made to keep order from the instructions of *burned text* and they were equiped with great power to do so. They know the fate of the multiverse *burned text* ashes, ashes, ashes *burned text* their sad fate weighs on them every day, but there is the hope of *burned text*

The text seems to be Time Agent lore about their beginning and their future. It also seems that the Time Agents knew of their imminent extinction, and perhaps the destruction of the multiverse. But their seems to be some kind of hope.

Technology Edit

With significantly less technology than the Time Police, the Time Agents had favored incredible powers and intelligence over incredible tech. Although, the agents had a strong liking for ancient artifacts infused with advanced equipment, like their time-traveling pocketwatches and bulletproof cloaks. The Time Agents do not possess the ability to change into other objects but instead go undercover and use mind-wipes, generally as a "gun" that can be fired and affect everyone not protected in a 2-mile radius. In Universe 4411-0AZ, the survivors of the Time Agents became known as the Men in Black.

Powers Edit

The Time Agents use a variety of powers they possess, most notably the ability to turn invisible and amazing agility and strength. These powers seem to take a lot out of Time Agents as they can be killed with less power after using them, as seen in most assassinations. They also can slow down time to the extent that it runs backwards (indeed, this is the premise on which the time-traveling pocketwatch is based) and speed it up at will. They have control over a wide range of subatomic particles, which caused a nasty assassination when the power was reflected by Dr. Bad Guy, rebounded on the Eight-Hundred-and-Forty-Fifth Agent, and blew her into a cloud of quarks.

Still here today? Edit

Rumor has it that during the fall of the Time Agents, some became Time Police secretly and are waiting for when they can resume power. No credence has been given to these rumors. The only time agent known for certain to still exist is the One-Thousand-and-Twenty-Second Agent.

Significant Time AgentsEdit

First Agent
Second Agent
Third Agent
Forty-Second Agent
Forty-Fourth Agent
Fifty-Eighth-and-a-Half Agent
Fifty-Eighth-and-the-other-Half Agent
One-Hundred-and-Tenth Agent
One-Hundred-and-Sixty-Ninth Agent
Two-Hundred-and-Thirty-First Agent
Four-Hundred-and-First Agent
Seven-Hundred-and-Seventy-Seventh Agent
Nine-Hundred-and-Twenty-Fourth Agent
One-Thousand-and-Twenty-Second Agent
One-Thousand-and-Forty-Fifth Agent
One-Thousand-Two-Hundred-Thirty-First Agent
Eight-Thousandth Agent
Nine-Thousand-One-Hundred-and Fourth Agent
Fifteen-Thousand-Eighty-Six-Hundred-and-Ninety-Fifth Agent