Basic Info Edit

The Twelfth Sector is a region of space set aside for refugees in the Almeir Pact.

Places Worthy of Reference Edit

The Dawncatcher- a large collection of small mining and leisure vessels (Inhabited and Governed)

Lenalith- former war vessel now houses several hundred refugees and peace keepers (Inhabited and Governed)

Redgull- large leisure vessel that crashed into an asteroid killing all 7000 passengers and crew (Uninhabited)

Contact point- Oldest settlement in the Sector and home to over 30000 people its main exports are ore and minerals (Inhabited and Governed)

World's demise- Mining colony that dug so much of the planet out most of the city collapsed into a giant hole, it is now a base for raiding parties (Inhabited, Anarchy)

Politics and Economics Edit

Defense Edit

The defense of the Twelfth Sector is currently provided by local militias and Intergalactic peace keeping forces.

Claims Edit

Many parties claim ownership over certain sections of the Twelfth Sector, most notably the Guns of Mannan and the Order of Holy Hands. However, the entirety of the sector is currently controlled by the Collation of the Oppressed.

Trade Edit

Though the Collation of the Oppressed engage in no formal trade themselves many organisations within their borders trade with each other and the Order of Holy Hands.

Exports Edit

The main exports of the Twelfth Sector are tantalum, iron, gold, server parts, weapons, and software.

Imports Edit

The main imports of the Twelfth Sector are water, plutonium, religious artifacts, and food.

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