Basic Info Edit

The Order of Holy Hands is a religious group who claim owner ship over the Telran homeworlds, the Ghost worlds, and the Twelfth Sector.

Formation Edit

The Order of Holy Hands was founded in 79ECY by the Lord-Saint Mathias with the aim of spreading his message concerning the end of time and the birth of the seventh savior.

Notable Members Edit

Saint Mathias III- slaughtered while spreading the message in the Ghost worlds

Xayax the 3rd finger- one of Mathias's original disciples built the cathedral of relethen on the homeworld of Terra Septim

Qualex the bloodied palm- led the first great crusade against the heathens of the Ghost worlds

Qualex II the mad- believed to have gone mad after having the reality of the end revealed to him

Warix the 87th finger- slaughtered by Qualex the mad

Warix the 90th finger- went missing in the Twelfth Sector

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