Corrective Dodecahedron

An inactive Corrective Dodecahedron.

The Corrective Dodecahedron is the producer of The Corrective's resources. It creates food, water, Swiss Cheese, and oxygen using a matter converter. It requires constant maintenance, and many workers work on the machines. It also is the prototype center of The Corrective, and they have the most practical hold on reality. Members of the Corrective Dodecahedron usually will prove something is wrong or correct with experimentation or a demonstration, sometimes creating awkward incidents where a demonstration is done is the strangest places. It is located near the star Barklove, though it has been spotted near Barklove's binary twin, Lovebark.

Products designed and made by TCD (of utter rightness)Edit

These are far and few between, as perfectly right designs do not appear often. However, there are still a sizable number (6 to be exact, as 6 is a perfect number, although not the perfect number - the Debate of Most Perfect Number is still ongoing), and we have the Corrective Orb to consult on their bimonthly book of right and wrong:

Ritenrong, Inc.
Corrective Sun
Old Times
Corrective Pen
Miscellaneous Machine
The P.A.P.E.R.


  • Microsoft products in particular are one of the Corrective Dodecahedron's favorite projects to work on.
  • TCD has spare parts for every piece of machinery in the multiverse stored in multi-dimensional storage - twice!