Not to be confused with The Collective.
Not to be mistaken for Grammar Nazis.

The Corrective are a civilization that is based upon correcting anyone who says anything wrong, and making sure they themselves are not wrong. Their citizens vary greatly, from virtual (and real) A.I.'s and the descendants of ancient "Physisits." They do not have a homeworld but rather have several motherships the size of solar systems floating in several key areas in the Multiverse. They are not to be mistaken for Grammar Nazis, as they will be highly offended and correct you with more zeal than usual.

Government Edit

The Corrective have a government of 3 republics (1 for each mothership) under a head republic. However, not much gets done because they constantly argue about who is right and who is wrong. This is similar to any form of government, to be honest.

The Head RepublicEdit

The Head Republic of The Corrective meets every six Earth months (or Eonths) on one of the three motherships in a constant rotation.

Relations Edit

The Corrective is, for the most part, a peaceful government and loners that generally don't socialize beyond themselves and correcting others. They are, however, allied with the Entente and the Coalition and are therefore against SmarT Co. Inc. Industries. The exact reasons why they are for the Entente and Coalition is unknown, but it is suspected that they believe SmarT's ethics are wrong, and desperately want to correct them.

Motherships Edit

The 3 motherships of The Corrective each have a distinct role and therefore distinct cultures.

The Corrective BoxEdit

For more information on this mothership see The Corrective Box

The Corrective Box is the only moving mothership of The Corrective. Its role is to search out governments or even planets that are wrong (the correcting of individuals is left to smaller scout ships that drift throughout the multiverse). People from the Corrective Box will generally jump in a conversation if something wrong is said, or a question about ethics is asked, effectively ending conversations and making social interaction difficult.

The Corrective OrbEdit

For more information on this mothership, see The Corrective Orb

The Corrective Orb's task is to determine if something is right or wrong if it is a question where the answer isn't easily determined. They release and update their rulings bimonthly to ensure their not being wrong. People from the Corrective Orb ponder for long moments when asked a question or a statement is being said, making social interaction tedious and long. When asked even the simplest questions, it takes the longest time (i.e. How are you? Hmmmm... How am I really feeling? What would be a correct statement at the current time? I think I may have to ponder into my whole life history to find an answer to such a deep question.). It is located near the Mutilated Cat Nebula.

The Corrective DodecahedronEdit

For more information on this mothership, see The Corrective Dodecahedron

The Corrective Dodecahedron is the producer of The Corrective's resources. It creates food, water, Swiss Cheese, and oxygen using a matter converter. It requires constant maintenance, and many workers work on the machines. It also is the prototype center of The Corrective, and they have the most practical hold on reality. Members of the Corrective Dodecahedron usually will prove something is wrong or correct with experimentation or a demonstration, sometimes creating awkward incidents where a demonstration is done is the strangest places. It is located near the star Barklove, though it has been spotted near Barklove's binary twin, Lovebark.

Technological Advancement Edit

The Corrective usually creates new technologies by proving someone is wrong, usually by people from the Dodecahedron. For example P.A.P.E.R. was created when someone said you could not make a gun from a wood composite.

Corrective Resources Edit

The Corrective generally uses The Book of Facts to make sure a statement is right or wrong when the said statement has a clear answer (i.e. Cows make pies). For unclear answers, the Corrective uses the bimonthly updated book of right and wrong, made by the Corrective Orb. They hate statements that are right and wrong, or question where every answer is right. Paradoxes in particular are a nuisance in this area.

Significant events of the CorrectiveEdit

1985 - The Corrective is founded by a group of extremist pacifist Grammar Enforcers (As was their name before the popularization of the external modular carrier Nazi.)
2124 - The Corrective is attacked by their arch-nemeses, Chaos Faction.