The is the second most common word in the English Language. The usage of the word the stems from the beginnings of the language, as a pointer for nouns and to fill the space in between them and the verbs (see Nouns vs. Verbs). The first recorded instance of the in its true form first came about in 2074, when the was first written in the middle of a passage of (and I quote) "Jikpth a rawk la zygfrl mpmqm the hyjart, ze y d dynht mqwpm!" The verse when translated to Galactic Universal reads: "A sword I relinquished the {unfortunate loss of complete sense} vanquished!". Naturally, this sort of development had to be sent back in time as part of the greater interest and so was, thus creating the ever present Time Loop.

This article is considered close enough to 3U Science to warrant a disclaimer.

To anyone from the U of U of U: "This article is not meant seriously and is only a joke. Facts from The that contradict known facts on this subject are untrue and should be ignored."

To anyone else: Carry on.

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