A Physical Feature map of Tek

Tek is the 4th planet from the Class W star Quibbious, and the only habitable planet in the system. It was uninhabited until its discovery in 2101, and is now home to the largest Holo-network server space in the multiverse. Tek is well known for the discovery of LAWLite and its huge BRB energy output.

Spatial Placement Edit

Tek is the 4th planet, situated about 2.3 AU from Quibbious, a Class W star in the Nilz Galaxy. Tek rotates on an axis tilted 54°, causing extreme seasons, but the seasons are still tolerable due to Quibbious's intense heat. Tek has a day of 42 hours, and a year of about 512 24-hour days. Tek is slightly smaller than Earth, at about 5/6 of Earth's size. Tek has 2 moons, Liq and Ti'Klaro.

Natural conditions Edit

Tek has very drastic seasons due to its tilted axis, yet these seasons are still habitable because of Quibbious’s intense heat of around 70,000 K and the star's size. Tek has an atmosphere that is slightly thicker than Earth's, and is comprised mainly of helium, but has just enough oxygen in its atmosphere to be habitable (this causes some interesting effects to humans when landing on Tek; their voices get very high and squeaky, and they are more easily winded.). Tek has a wide temperature range due to its seasons, but is usually between -10 and 41°C, depending on your location on the planet. Tek has liquid water on its surface, and even tides, although chaotic due to the planet's 2 moons.


Tek's 2 moons, Liq and Ti'Klaro, are very important on the planet. Liq, the closer of the 2 planets, is crucial in the life cycles of the Liquani Ecosystem due to the stronger tides of the moon. Ti'Klaro is the spaceport for the planet and is also a popular sushi bar.


Tek has a complex ecosystem, however nonsentient, that has adapted to the rapidly changing temperatures of the planet and has several main parts; the Liquani Ecosystem, the Dunes, the Icelands, the Water Forests, and the Temperate Zone.

Liquani EcosystemEdit

See Liquani Ecosystem for more information on this topic.

The Liquani Ecosystem is the only underwater ecosystem that exists on Tek. It is comprised of many different parts of the ecosystem working in harmony to act as a "nomadic system" to prevent death from freezing in the ice that comes as the seasons change.

Culture Edit

Tekkan culture is a new (but deep) culture that is has its origins in the Holo-net and rapid change.


Tek fully accepts Server Theory as to how the multiverse was created, although there are millions of religious minorities, some indigenous only to Tek. This, however, only fuels Tek's economy, as flame wars spark out regularly.


The economy of Tek is an Entente-based, worldwide Iktatorship that focuses on expedient organization and their main export of BRB energy. Cities are numbered based upon when they were founded, what country they are in, and the region (i.e. 1-A-1, is the first city founded in Tek, Sih). The government names people by giving them a random string of letters. In Tek, you are paid to use the holo-net because BRB energy is harvested anywhere on the holo-net by the goverment.

The Holo-netEdit

Tek's whole culture is based upon the holo-net. People are fully integrated into the holo-net, 24/7, and access to media is a must. Your social status is determined by your Internet status and, therefore the people there have become more cultured and less like the so-called "Trolls" of the 21st century. Netizens that are trolls are generally snubbed and deemed to be less intelligent by the elites of society, a dramatic reversal from society in other cultures. As a direct result, these trolls have formed their own networks like the severely anti-elite πchan.


The "Provinces" of Tek are areas of Tek where Sub-Iktators control the land, but still report under the current leader, Ziqpwui Zib. These provices are all "united", but they still squabble over things like BRB energy. Each "Province" has developed their own culture, although still based on the Holo-net and BRB. The three most active provinces are at the time of this writing Flyawn L33T, Aquonis, and Britche.

History Edit

Tek was originally never habited by sentient life, but colonization has added an extensive history to the planet.


On June 31, 2101, the formerly independent SPACE COLONIZATION PROGRAM, on its 666th star scan, the planet, at the time named Gp2X7-SCP was discovered and deemed habitable. Tek Zarconi, who the planet would eventually be named after, and his sons Liq and Ti'Klaro (who the moons of Tek would eventually be named after), led the colonization of the colony with 3,000 men and only 50 packets of Swiss cheese. Only 5 years later, Tek was a metropolis centered on BRB and holo-net technology, being one of the greatest achievements of the SCP.


Tek's first city, Seh, or city 1, is the only "named" city on the planet. Founded by Zarconi using SCP City-Founding technology, it was, by chance, a dump-site for Holo-net signals and therefore had an astounding connection to the holo-net that would soon be the center of Tek. Seh was, at the time, a Democracy, but soon the billions of people wanting to get to Tek (Tek became famous for its amazing holo-net connection) made an Iktatorship more practical. Soon more cities formed and created a stronger link to the holo-net as holo-cores were built and connections were established. Because a better connection to the holo-net makes BRB production higher, various companies (including SmarT) gained interest in the planet. However, on 2103, the Iktatorship, under Zarconi's son Liq, (Zarconi died from a bad fall on 2102) claimed control of all BRB recources. This has not slowed production, however.

The Tekkan War(1)Edit

For more on the Tekkan war(1), see The Tekkan War(1)

The Tekkan War(1) was the first and only war on Tek, between warring SmarT Co. Inc. Industries and Entente forces, mainly over the high amounts of patinum in the planet's crust (Both SmarT and the Entente valued patinum for its high electroconductivity and therefore use it as a monetary resource). It started on 2133 SmarT's approach was to simply land and start mining the poles (where patinum is most abundant on the planet) with their sub-planet mining system, and use deadly force if asked to do otherwise. Of course, the Entente played on SmarT's weaknesses and decided to liberate Tek and become heroes, allowing them to freely mine the planet. Planting charges in the poles, the Entente obliterated the SmarT mines, in what would be called "the boom heard around the northern transistor." Battles soon followed afterward for 2 months, but the Entente quickly defeated SmarT because SmarT was severely crippled there as most of the landing ports for SmarT forces were on the poles.

A notable battle in the Tekkan War(1) was battle 4, where over 2,000 SmarT soldiers were killed by 200 Entente snipers and battle 6 where the first ever Xenocian fought in a war.

2134 LAWLite DiscoveryEdit

After the SmarT war of 2134, LAWLite was projected out of the Isaacland Universe (See Universe of Universe) and into the Tek Universe, whereupon it was come upon by Zhnilthxlk Cklaqui and subsequently named and analyzed. Communications from the Tek Universe agreed with known properties of LAWLite, and therefore the mystery of LAWLite was solved. Zhnilthxlk Cklaqui is credited with the discovery of LAWLite, although a claim from SmarT has sparked a lawsuit between the universes that is still going on to this day.


  • Tek as a whole has a postcount of over 30 billion posts per day.
  • Truth no longer has any meaning (or as it is more commonly known to them, "meanomg"), as almost everything is digitized.
  • Bob Bobson has a permanent citizenship here, although he has never visited the place.