Tehplanit is the center of all energy suppliers in the Multiverse, thanks to its convenient location inside the Gravitational Island of the black hole Tehblackole.


Tehplanit was once an exotic planet by no known name in the orbit of the black hole Tehblackole. This exotic planet was made entirely of superluminum, and intelligent life had only just evolved there when the planet was sucked into Tehblackole, presumably lost forever. In 2001, Tehblackole was found to be emitting tachyonic-degrading signals to the effect of "Is anyone out there?" Tehplanit was discovered to occupy a Gravitational Island, with the Tehplanitians evolved from constant bombardment of energy. Today, Tehplanit's government has official power plants, which are used to extract this energy and then turn it over to the government, who sells it dirt cheap to the companies that ship it out and resell it.

Gravitational Island location and how it contributes to energy supplyEdit

A Gravitational Island is a phenomenon which occurs in 1 out of every 20,000,000,000.1 black holes, when a spinning black hole also is irregular in its existence within normal space. When this happens, matter which spirals down into the hole will still be destroyed, but a sufficient mass of superluminum, such as Tehplanit, may be able to slip into the wormhole in the center when the black hole's not looking. However, the lack of true exotic matter (i.e. cosmic strings) prevents it from being able to travel to a white hole in another universe, and therefore the matter is stuck there. However, Hawking Radiation and energy from destroyed matter can be converted in all sorts of ways before reaching the center and therefore bathes it in all kinds of energy. Now Tehplanit collects this energy for a living.

Gibberish Dictionary EntryEdit

"Tehplanit (teh-plan-it) - The only planet in the universes that is located within a black hole. The dynamics of this is that Tehplanit is so far within the event horizon that it actually came out the 11th dimensional side and has been there ever since (You know, like when you have floating things in a spinning vat of water they all go to the middle but they don't sink?). Tehplanit obtains all its energy from the black hole that surrounds it, making it easily the king of all power suppliers in the T#YIK+H quadrant. However, Tehplanit is not at all easy to get to by conventional means, so in 2067 physicists John Johnson and &# &#son, of Earth and Kiytha respectively used a Trevors-Phalen Mass Centrosystemic Field™ to create what is now officially called the Johnson-&#son Wormhole (but commonly referred to as the &#son Portal). This wormhole allowed easy access to Tehplanit, and it has become prosperous since."

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