Did you ever see a universe other than our own? Perhaps it was built up for you, or maybe it was something you conjured from your imagination. Maybe it was a world set in the far future, or maybe it was back in the middle ages. But it was a universe that was separate from the real world.

Now we know Wikipedia. Its power is its weakness: it can be edited as easily as they come. But reality constrains it; you would hardly see a Wikipedia article on nuclear-powered elephants, would you?

Well, perhaps you might, but it would be cleaned up soon after.

But here! Here on the Technobabble Wiki, we have no such constraint. Anything can and will happen, as long as it's after the Split of the Universes, of course. So if you want to write your own piece of history, make it happen! If it clashes with another event, well, we'll make it work somehow, won't we? Besides, know that whatever you put down here has happened somewhere, just not in our universe (lucky devils...)!

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