The description of the mineral Tardium was sent to our offices 42 years ago, and it still hasn't arrived. Thanks for your patience.

In the meantime, the Gibberish Dictionary definition...

An subionic compound found within the lattices of most metals. Normally, Tardium has a beneficial effect to these metals, increasing the productivity of said metals by up to 10 due to reverse-engineered chronitons embedded inside most Tardium nuclei. These Tardium-infused metals was incredibly popular in the 22nd century for all sorts of things until they were introduced into the production of elevators and taxis. Due to the unique composition of certain parts in both elevators and taxis, the chronitons embedded inside the Tardium changed into those of an abnormal timespeed, therefore nowadays Elevators and Taxis are never there when you need them.


Buses have now been proven to contain Tardium also. Thank you for your time.