Taleaium is the only known element with negative friction. Unfortunately this negative friction makes it rather difficult to contain and therefore has to be stored in a Trevors-Phalen Mass Centrosystemic Field. Turning the field off whilst Taleaium is stored within it is inadvisable and has lead to the untimely death of many innocent victims including the eminent physicist John Johnson. Taleaium remained an unknown element for as long as it did because with a negative friction it accelerates indefinitely, and this infinite acceleration causes it to travel at quantum lightspeed across large amounts of space in, to a stationary observer, no time at all. A sufficient mass of Taleaium will eventually punch a hole out of the universe it was contained in and enter another universe. This is the only known way besides the massively difficult to maintain Final 'Porter to create portals between universes.


Color: Green-black
Shape: Usually cubical. Observations of Taleaium have shown it to be a massively energy-efficient crystal lattice, which allows it to have negative friction.
Atomic Weight: 190:788
Atomic Mass: 190:788 (100 neutrons, 70 protons and 20 binders. Also accounting for 788 assorted medions, J-π⌚⚇ʨons and Ò∰ℓ℥ↀ particles.
Translucency: Slight. Due to quantum lightspeed refraction.
Opacity: High, but not total. See translucency.
Spacial Dimension R Values: 21--891:a
Inherent Radiation: Heat is common when capturing Taleaium. Other radiation usually does not have time to make any affect whatsoever.
Half-life: None.
Cheese: Uncommon
Knowledge of Pi: Not sentient.
Goldfish: None.
GSOT Importance: #71,265


It should be noted that John Johnson's research into Taleaium directly led to the creation of the &#son Portal and access to Tehplanit.

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