The SoyFish is a uniquely adapted fish. It lives in tall fields of soybeans and swims among them.

Color: White
Size: One foot long
Shape: Fish-shaped
Opacity: Depends on the light
Cheese: No milk was used in the making of this fish
Knowledge of Pi: -2 places
Goldfish: Rather fish-like


The soyfish originated on the ocean-bound peninsulas of Vetheba 6. The farmers began using antigravity fields to grow taller crops of soybeans. When the farmers went to harvest their crops, they discovered that some of the beans had taken on odd shapes. After a few years of this, one farmer went to harvest, only to discover that a fourth of the beans were missing. Further investigation revealed schools of fish were being born, initially, from the beans. After about a decade, the fish were totally autonomous, living among the beans.


Soyfish are made completely out of soy polymers, which are substitutes for other unhealthy proteins and suchlike in 'normal' fish.

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