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SmarT War O' 2134 is Generica 20XX's first ever hit single after escaping a Mind-Control-Candied Universe of Universe. It was released in 2134. It was received massively well by a panicking Universe of Universe of Universe of Universe and went first Silver, then Gold, Platinum, Patinum, Moneyium and finally Superdupermegapreciousmetalium in the IREA. The song's subject is one Bob Bobson who enters the SmarT War of 2134 and witnesses the thrill and exhiliaration of being a weapons officer on the fictional "ILSS Generica" and yet also the sadness of when the starship gets blown up and he escapes in an escape pod, all to a refrain of:

SmarT War O' 2134
Fight back now and even the score
In the SmarT War O' 2134
And peace will be restored

Track listingEdit

CD SingleEdit

The following tracks are on the CD single:

  1. "SmarT War O' 2134"
  2. "The Universe of Universe of Universe of Universe"

Music videoEdit

Although when Generica 20XX first made the song stand-alone, the single eventually got a music video sometime into 2135. It depicts Robert Bobson playing Bob Bobson (the character was inspired by him) at a weapons console, which becomes a drum kit with "ILSS Generica" on the front. The other members of the band enter the bridge behind him with their instruments and begin performing the song.

The video reached top of the IREA charts shortly after its release.


One verse in particular caused some controversy in terms of ethics in 2134. The case was settled 2 weeks later. The verse in question mentioned:

Those SmarT guys they blew up my ship
And it's just the same
I'll get SmarT and make them slip
Or Bob Bobson's not my name

Ethicists argued that the line "And it's just the same" implied a callous disregard for human life. All three members of the band argued that they never meant it that way. The ethicists were overruled.