This is a compiled list of cover corporations SmarT has used in the U of U of U of U.



DOTTI logo


Disposal Of Thy Trash Inc, or D.O.T.T.I., was SmarT's cover corporation in the failed Operation Recyclement during 2009. The company was wiped out of existence by Time Agents.



EnerG's trademark Logo.

The cover corporation that the Nongenderspecifichattan Project believed it was working for in 2015. The Time Agents attempted to prevent this, but were supplanted by the Time Police before anything could be done.

TramS Industries Inc. Co.Edit

This cover company was used as an listening post during the U of U until 2099, but was reconverted as a time-travel agency in 2510 of the U of U of U of U. Officially, TramS was decommissioned in 2014.

kL0G Ltd.Edit

Under the guise of a deforestation and plumbing company, kL0G was immensely successful in their technique of using plumbing services to transport harvested trees off the many tree planets in the multiverse and went legitimate in 2013.

Fisk 45Edit

A Jogonren-based real estate agent, which failed after competition from legit companies who adopted their not-so-legit methods of practice. SmarT then took these companies and transported the methods back in time in order to make their not-so-legit methods standard, but unwisely projected their aim before the SmarT War of 2134, at which point in history the companies where recognized as being sent back in time by SmarT and were destroyed.

The Bob the Construction Entity GroupEdit

Bob the Construction Entity was a SmarT-produced show which induced inanity and stupidity. It was sent back to the past, and succeeded in lowering Humanity's IQ by quite a few points before the Bob the Construction Entity Group was burned to the ground by angry parental units.