SmarT Co. Inc. Industries' logo, featured prominently on their official merchandise.

Founded in 2099 by former dictator Stalin Hitlershstien, SmarT Co. Inc. Industries almost immediately became the most popular company, Corporation, or Industry in the (At the time) Universe. As of today, it is the only company for anything in the whole multiverse. It is now run by Stalin's great-great-great-grandson Bushler. It is also notable for funding the Nongenderspecifichattan Project, which would later perfect BRB Technology and subsequently the @-bomb, and for becoming the first consumer-powered force to extend past the bounds of its own universe. It is now at odds with both the Entente and the Coalition, as well as most minor factions of the Isaacland Universe that have even a scrap of scruples.

History Edit

SmarT Co. Inc. was first formed by former dictator Stalin Hitlershstein, on the 12 of October, 2099. Its first product was "Mind Control Candy," but no one had expected anything because of the upcoming Halloween, making them think it was just a gimmick.

People today still think so, but there has been recent speculation that the candy may be why SmarT Co. Inc. Industries became so popular.

Starting with that first product, the company sweeped the nation on a certain October night releasing products so fast that it seemed almost planned. Smart Co. Inc. Industries bought out every single company in the Universe in almost 2 years.

Soon after, the company went crazy. Being the only ANYTHING in the universe can do that to you, although some argue it may be from abuse of its own products, including its best product, the mercury drink, which is a (sub-semi) safe version of mercury that has also evolved into paint, antibiotics, and ice cream.

They also are instrumental in the manufacture of Patinum, which is the currency that holds their outposts into the Isaacland Universe together.

The products Edit

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The following is a list of products major that SmarT Co. Inc. Industries have ever made, will make, or are making. (Note: Products made by SmarT that were lost during the Time Paradox of 1943 are not included as the only person who knows what they were was Albright Einstein, who died before he was born.)

1. Mind Control Candy

2. The SmarT Teleporter

3. The Full-body Internet Integration System (FIIS)

4. -(

5. SmarT Universe Travel Handgun

6. Time-Hopping Millitary Undergarments

7. The @-bomb

8. The Quantum Elevator

9. Mercury Drink

10. The Sub-Planet Unmanned Mining System

Their importance in the GSOT is currently at #8.