Sandbox GameEdit

A game which has quasi-reality-bending properties. The best of these can be modded for maximum flexibility. Used in conjunction with a polaron emitter and a power stabilization system, one can produce a rudimentary Trevors-Phalen Mass Centrosystemic Field.


The beginnings of the sandbox game are vague, but it is known that sometime after the advent of the Internet, the Java (a now virtually extinct programming language) game Falling Sand appeared. The game has been lost to memory along with the ancient art of Java, but it spawned many rival sandbox games, most of which were improvements on the original design. However, only one of these could be modded (See Burning Sand). This was one of the few that survived the 2020 Information Wipeout and its subsequent versions from BS2 to BS10 are were the forerunners of the fabled "Sandbox Experiment".