A rocket-propelled fart or more scientifically an explosive emission from the end of a being's digestive tract, is exactly what the more scientific name suggests. Though relatively harmless in most beings and effective as a form of transport, a rocket propelled fart is often a source of embarrassment to members of cultures believing that the fart is improper. Luckily, one who rocket-propelled farts in the proximity of these beings do not need to face this embarrassment, as they are usually somewhere from ten to twenty kilometers away by then. It is the most widely recognized symptom of Trylfa's Malady.

NOTE: The word fart is both a noun and a verb, and will be used accordingly. Please check your regrammatizisation manual if you find any discrepancies.

Health issuesEdit

One may think that sufficient gas being propelled from one's end-of-digestive-tract to send one a reasonable distance away would damage or cause distress to the emitter. Experiencers report that it is however much less unsettling than one may think, aside from some initial discomfort. However, for safety reasons doctors recommend that people with Trylfa's Malady or any other disease which expresses this symptom should leave beans and lettuce out of their diet.

Deaths by rocket-propelled fartingEdit

Only two have been recorded in history after the recognition of the symptom - one from asphyxiation after being propelled into space and one from bowel blockage. However, these were highly irregular cases as both victims had fart power in excess of 200 psi, which is far more than the human body can stand.

What to do if you rocket-propelled fartEdit

  1. Look down. This is vitally important if you are not to exceed the height of 100m and into thinner air.
  2. Keep looking down. Your body will eventually become horizontal as the fart propels you.
  3. Use your communicator to call family members to set up a low-friction runway for your landing. If you are a chronic sufferer die to Trylfa or some other disease which expresses this symptom, you should have at least one ready at all times.
  4. Steer by turning your body from side to side. Be gentle.
  5. When you come in to land, do so like a plane would. Fly in horizontally and slowly allow yourself to touch the runway. Allow your fart to expend itself, and when you are sure there is no gas left, get up and leave the runway.

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