Regrammitizisation is the act of correcting another's grammar. This is practiced often in Schools and online, and is done by Grammar Nazis. Regrammitizisation has been the subject of many a debate over the years.



Regrammitizisation was first invented along with the Dictionary. The Dictionary standardized all spellings of words, and therefore, some spellings were "wrong" and some spellings were "right". People began changing "wrong" spellings into "right" spellings. Then the Great Grammar was created, and all words had to be put a certain way. People corrected those as well.

Rise of the Grammar NaziEdit

Soon, Grammar Nazis began rising. They started to go beyond the call of duty in correcting grammar, and begun to correct with increasing frequency.


Grammar Nazis travel the universes in ships powered by GrammarDrive, correcting grammar wherever it is found to be wrong.