A form of Realium where the Realium is subjected to a Trevors-Phalen Mass Centrosystemic Field, which counters precisely 8.21 of the quantum fluctations keeping Realium out of any particular universe. This effect forces the Realium out of pure existence and as long as the field remains in place, Realium is stable and will bond with other atoms. However, using photonic transition devices to focus interuniversal energy onto the stable Realium can "capture" the centrosystemic field in the hyperrealistic spaces in between electrons and selections. This converts the Realium into Realion, which can be transported outside the field without reverting to unstable Realium.

Fictionium BondingEdit

In 2032, Fictionium was discovered. When bonded with Realium, the two make an alloy now known as Fictionite, which has all the desirable properties of Fictionium, but has a reasonably real graviton-polaron ratio.

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