Quotes are things that have been said by someone. They become quotes when they are repeated or written down. Here are some quotes from famous people in the Universe of Universe:

A Grammer NaziEdit

"well, when we lost capitalization capability, the rest of our grammardrive burnt out."

A TeacherEdit

"Exams exams exams exams exams"


"Study study study study study"


"Work work work work work"

Adam BinaryEdit

"01010111011000010110100101110100001011000010000001110100011010000110000101110100001001110111001100100000 01110010011001010110000101101100011011000111100100100000011000100110000101100100001011100010111000101110"

"Oh look! A Kilonite mine!"

"We try so hard to be the best, but can we possibly be?"

Dr. Lance FaulknerEdit

"Are you making this deliberately difficult for me?"

"Eve my dear, I could not feel worse."

"I am not as believe as intoxicated as you believe I *barf*!"

"I am the new head of this department!"

"I will not allow my life to be dictated by rules, lists, order or reason! I do, however, need to remain rational. At least right before I down this excellent wine."

"I've done it, Eve. Swiss cheese is the most powerful energy source in the galaxy, and I've unlocked it!"

"Italics and Bold? I hate that song."

"Let's propose a new line of investigation: Tachyonic teleportation."

"Sociopsychobiochemiphysimathematicistrology! The whole of creation in one word!"

"Technobabble? The universe needs not technobabble, but realism!"

"There is one type of human in this world: the inane."

"We may have a certain amount of mess on our hands here."

"What we need here is just the right amount of cheese."

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~" (On the discovery of beer)

Grammar Nazi PeterfordEdit

"'Dunno'? 'Dunno'?! 'Dunno' is NOT A WORD!"

"Grammar/The perfection of lingustic achievement/not a letter out of place/or a grammatical bereavement!"

Lyum AdeezEdit

"If there were more than five universes to comprehend, I'd go insane."

"What in the name of Roning are you doing?!"

James Kilroy PhalenEdit

"In retrospect, I had no idea that the discovery of the link between digital simulation and quantum realization would lead to this." (On the discovery of Antiplasma

John JohnsonEdit

"We've had a Taleaium brea-" (His Last Words before having his ribcage punched out by a block of pure Taleaium moving at quantum lightspeed)

Jonathan ScrewbyEdit

"Can't we work together on this?"

"I resent that." (In response to "Screw the GSOT!")

"What I'm saying is, we don't need a monarchy to make a royal mess of things."

Lee MichaelsEdit

"Must you?"

"Work, work, work. That's all you do around here. Relax or something!" (@ Dr. Faulkner)

Lee JohnsonEdit

"I contradict myself in this statement!"

"I may sometimes contradict myself."

"I want a Rangle-O-Jeez."

"So these Sour Bratins are what? Some new kind of confectionery?"

"The letter P is evil."

Oliver DaneEdit

"And weave, weave, weave..."

"Bob, bob, bob..."

"You don't see me! You don't see me!"


From Old EarthEdit

"A bad analogy is like a leaky screwdriver."

"If at first you don't succeed, try something else."



"To err is human, but the ability to majorly screw up is a quality found in all sentient species in the galaxy."

Rich PoorardEdit

"A penny saved is a penny lost."

"Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and OHMYGODCOFFEEGULPGULPGARGLEGARGLE~"

"Eat to live, and not live to eat. For if you live to eat you end up on the Discovery Channel."

Robert BobsonEdit


"Can we move on?"

"I envision the ultimate ego trip: [[<yournamehere>land]]."


"We need PATCHES!"

"You're blowing this proportion way out of proportion."

Some Other PersonEdit

"Can we go now?"

"The day people quote you is the day nuclear fireworks get legalized."

"Why yes, I will have a xylene apple."

Some personEdit

"All right. I overreacted."


"Ask again later."

"Brokenium! There's Brokenium everywhere!"

"Can I get a redo?"


"Don't move! We have you surrounded!"

"Don't quote me."

"I hadn't realized the world had ended."

"Inspiration! Need inspiration!"


"Oh cheese."

"Oh flippin' breakin' frackin' lost-" (Just before being knocked unconscious by some other person)

"Screw the GSOT!" (Responded to with "I resent that.")

"Whoa. New hair color."


"One day, people will be quoting me!"

SmarT Co. Inc. Industries Repairman #76,512Edit

"Flat tire? Who uses tires anymore, anyway?"

The Gibberish DictionaryEdit

"Sport: The mindless attacking of a ball or another being. Avoid."

The Qwandri ComputationEdit




"All incoming members must read articles exhaustively.!"

"Broken link! Broken link!"

"Domo arigato, robotic cliché."

"I love buffer overflows. It gives me an excuse to ask for more memory."

"Lossless computation! Oh the joy~!"

"Number 56, please step forward."

"Segmentation Fault. Update my drivers, please."

"The Blue Screen of Death is a required feature of all systems, I'm afraid."

"We may not be able to make it out of this system with an optimal recording."


The Technobabble PirateEdit



Other InformationEdit

Their importance in the GSOT is #287.

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