This article is based on a science term that is already known in the Universe of Universe of Universe. Therefore some of these facts may or may not coincide with facts known in the U of U of U.

Quarks are fundemental subatomic particles that exist within hadrons like protons and neutrons. They come in eight "flavors": up, down, charm, strange, top, bottom, tasty and sqr!j¤*p. They mediate whether a particle will be a certain hadron or another. For example, up-up-down is a proton, up-down-tasty is a lipton, tasty-tasty-tasty is a chickenion, sqr!¤*p-up-bottom is an emoticon and tasty-top-sqr!j¤*p is an exoticon.

This article is considered close enough to 3U Science to warrant a disclaimer.

To anyone from the U of U of U: "This article is not meant seriously and is only a joke. Facts from Quarks that contradict known facts on this subject are untrue and should be ignored."

To anyone else: Carry on.