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The logo on a Quantum Elevator

The quantum elevator is an elevator developed by SmarT Co. Inc. Industries, and extends the usefulness of normal elevators by using Quantum Teleportation in elevators, allowing them to go to any SmarT Quantum Elevator Dock. When introduced in 2134, it shortly became a yet another SmarT craze. After its introduction, it replaced almost all elevators in the Universe. There have been malfunctions in recent years, however, making so that elevators are never there when you need them.

History Edit


Being under development since SmarT's Creation, it finally was released 35 years later on December 31, 2134. Because it was from SmarT, the Elevators were almost immediately a new craze (this was because elevators up to that time had been standard Tardium-infused, leading to the elevators never being there when they were needed. See also Taxi). They have been in use ever since, and was crucial in transportation for over 20 years.


By about 2156, however, the Quantum Elevators were malfunctioning. Ironically, the malfunction was a faulty priority level from the new model of Quantum elevator (Quantum Elevator X), and therefore they were never there when you needed them. Due to that issue, repairmen cannot get to the elevators because they need to repair it, so the malfunction still exists. These days, people use stairs. The differences between the era of Tardium Elevators and Quantum Elevators are unknown.

Elevator Models Edit

There have been 10 elevator models, up to Quantum Elevator X. Below is a list of them in chronological order, with dates.

The Quantum Elevator (2134) Quantum Elevator: The next generation (2139) Quantum Elevator 3 (2143) Elevator of Quantum (2145) Quantum Elevator V (2148) Quantum Elevator the 6th (2149) 7: The Lucky Quantum Elevator (2149) -QUANTUM ELEVATOR- (2152) Quantum Elevator v9 (2155) Quantum Elevator X (2156-now)

The Lost ElevatorEdit

An early prototype of the Quantum Elevator was developed by SmarT's 2015 cover company EnerG but was unfortunately lost in the Time Paradox of 1943. However, this explanation may only be part of a complicated conspiracy by SmarT...