Not to be confused with the Corrective.

There is, in every hundred or so years, in each universe, a person who is always right. They may be violently, nauseatingly, happily, obnoxiously or insanely so, but they are always right. The laws of their universe bend around these few in order to assure that they are always right much like they ensure light always moves at the same speed limit (see lightspeed). However, these people, if moved to another universe, will suddenly become fallible and wrong, as other universes refuse to bend their will to other universes' PWAAR (Persons Who Are Always Right). These people naturally become very rich in their home universes, but eventually greed subsumes them and they disappear into the fabric of their universe, and their rightness is recycled to become the next PWAAR.

Their importance in the GSOT is #89.

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