Not to be confused with @-destruction.

Paradoxical destruction is basically the annihilation of Quanta/brizo/space/time through a paradox. The best example of such destruction would be the Brizoexplosion caused by the Time Paradox of 1943.


It is not known how paradoxical destruction occurs, but the best theory was proposed by Professor Bob Hoffman in 2033:

"Well, what I think is that when the universe gets a paradox, it goes 'What the heck?' and like a maniac with explosives, blows up the problem so that it won't [have to] deal with it. Of course, like the maniac scenario, it doesn't help."
-Professor Bob Hoffman at a conference on the Time Paradox of 1943.

Significant Paradoxical Destruction EventsEdit

Time Paradox of 1943
Caloris Incident
IPS Paradox

Paradoxical destructions as a whole are at #36 on the GSOT.

See alsoEdit

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