Nuclear-powered elephants are a species descended from mammoths that evolved to use Uranium and other radioactive elements for power instead of ingested plants. They look similar to common elephants but have thick grey fur. They gain energy through nuclear fusion and fission in an Osmium lined organ called the reactius uranus that replaced their small intestine early in their ancestor's history. This was necessary for survival due to the planet-wide water irradiation. This extra energy these creatures can produce aids them in in hunting. By building up reserves of very hot matter and used fission fuel in what is analogous to a mammoth's large intestine, will unleash Rocket-propelled farts quickly and violently. This rocket propulsion allows them to catch and devour Uranium grazers such as Nuclear-powered jellyfish, which would ordinarily be impossible with elephantine legs. They will also discharge this as a distraction when confronted by larger predators, such as Giant Space-Gnats.

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