The Nongenderspecifichattan Engineering DistrictEdit


Founded in 2010 and formerly known as the Womanhattan Engineer's Locale, the name was unfortunately fed into a thesaurus along with an equals sign in the same year and legal documents have been a pain to make ever since, leading to a startling drop in lawsuits toward the NED. The NED was originally a small coffeeshop in central Womanhattan where builders and engineers met and discussed projects, but expanded over the years to include most of the island.


The BeginningEdit

In 2015, the NED was on the verge of dissolution until SmarT Co. Inc. Industries (which had sent a representative back in time) commissioned them to begin work on BRB Technology, channeling excess disruptive energy from chatrooms and direct it into brizospace (which was a relatively new concept at the time) to create a nx+ny-complexity binary reflux loop system that would generate energy at a controlled rate via the Brizospace Link. They began work on this at once, until:

The Gift CandyEdit

Soon after their commissioning, the NED expanded throughout Womanhattan Island and built up a veritable complex of buildings. With so many resources on hand, they finished their project quickly, and sent word back to EnerG(SmarT's cover corporation at the time). In accordance with Phase B of their plan (See SmarT War of 2134), SmarT sent back in time packages of free candy to be shared between the staff. In the official records of NED, it appeared that the amount was slightly less than the amount of staff at the complex due to an accounting error, and when the Mind Control Candy took effect, a few were spared, as this personal mail entry shows:

:to publichost

Subject: NED under attack!

-I can hear them outside my office door...trying to break through to me. Luckily, I piled stuff against the door, and I think that'll keep them out for now. If you're reading this, send help! They ate the candy that company we were making the BRB Tech for sent to us, and then they all seemed to go funny all of a sudden...I was left out because there wasn't enough candy for my section. I think there might be other survivors in the building. The closest comparision I can make to my situation right now is like those old zombie movies where the zombies are all trying [to enter into] the shelter...The door seems to be weakening. I think I had better save this to local disk before sending it ou

-Sean Vines, sub-level worker at NED, 05/08/2017

[Note: The message was discovered in mass NED storage after retaking of the territory during the 2134 SmarT War, and was apparently never sent.]

The @-bombEdit

After taking control of almost every worker at NED and eliminating those who were not controlled, SmarT renamed them the Nongenderspecifichattan Project and began using them for designing and building the @-bomb, a bomb estimated to be nearly 45 trillion times more powerful than a exothermatic nuclear bomb. The process of @-synthesis was perfected by them in 2036, after a gap of nearly 10 years of research. During this time, new employees were force-fed MC candy, and the retirees had false memories implanted and were sent to distant countries. Construction began in 2037, and ended in 2134 along with the shutdown of the plant by Entente forces, stopping SmarT from retrieving the bombs for use in the war.


NP is mostly a defunct project as well as a company, but the remains of the complex have been shunted underground and converted into the Museum for the History of Advanced Sciences.

Its current importance in the GSOT stands at #19,342,786,410.