Not to be confused with the NoLand.

The Nil Realm is a spatial impossibility caused by a small crack in the Fabric of Time, creating an area of space that has almost no escape, nor does it have any specific location on the timeline. These factors have made the Nil Realm an ideal area to place the most dangerous criminals, and has been used for this by the Time Agents throughout the ages.

History Edit

The Nil Realm has a history over a period of time that no one is exactly sure of, due to its non-location on the Time Axis. However, since the Nil Realm is not devoid of Causality, events can still be recorded in chronological order.

Creation Edit

The Nil Realm was created by an inconsistency in the Fabric of Time. The reasons for this inconsistency, considering Time generally implies consistency, are unknown at the moment.

Discovery Edit

The Nil Realm was discovered by TimePharaoh after he had decided to record all areas in the Fabric of Time. This actual search did not cause the discovery of the Realm, but rather revealed there was a section of space devoid of an actual point on the Time Axis. TimePharaoh hypothesized that such a space like the Nil Realm may exist there, but he never got the opportunity to do so due to the sudden War of Nowhere's occurrence. It was not until Agent 8 of the Time Agents accidentally broke his Time-Jumper that life actually rediscovered the Realm.

Time Agent Use Edit

After Agent 8's discovery of the Nil Realm, it was decidedly used as a prison for several very dangerous criminals that have tried to disturb the Fabric of Time itself. Since then, it has been used by the Time Agents to imprison their enemies to this day.

List of Prisoners Edit

This is a list of every prisoner who has been or currently is in the Nil Realm at this moment. Prisoners who have managed to escape are listed with a star next to their name. Prisoners who were deemed innocent are in quotation marks.

Mechanics behind inescapabilityEdit

The Nil Realm is inescapable because even though time-jumpers can move backwards and forwards on the timeline, the Nil Realm is effectively separated from the timeline itself. Any time-jumper attempting to move to the creation or the dissolution of the Nil Realm in order to escape will only ever end up where they started. Even a Time Agent cannot escape, although they alone have the ability to send prisoners there. Once a prisoner has been placed in the Nil Realm only a Timeruler may retrieve them.

Flora and faunaEdit

Only the TimeDestroyers still live in the Nil Realm, feeding off of any stray time that makes its way in. Barring that they may extract and consume time from living beings unfortunate enough to be sent into the Realm.

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