The Mushroom City Bombings were terrorist bombings taking place in the MetroShroom TeraMall on May 28th, 2013. The attacks were committed by Black Beans of The Beanbean Kingdom. The Mushroom City and Mushroom Kingdom were shocked and enforced larger weapon laws.


First Attack At 9:57pm, a hand grenade exploded under a beam in the center of the mall. The roof collapsed inwards crushing shoppers.

Car Rampage A car smashed through a Glass Wall of a Glass shop. It ran over five people and then proceeded to run pedestrians over.

Main Bombings A man with a shopping cart detonates 40 tons of TNT outside a Royal Patisserie, Delfino Dream, and Beauty Maniac. This attack causes the ceiling a be engulfed in an inferno and collapse inward.

Subway Sear The Mushroom City Pipeway system under the mall is seared with Searing Gas, causing many people to suffocate.

Police Shooting The terrorist begins a mass shooting with the police, moments after they arrive. He diverts emergency services to him instead of the burning mall. After that he is then killed by rapid fire.


Princess Peach Toadstool received a call earlier that day. It was from the terrorist, saying she must marry him. She declined, and the terrorist said that the Mushroom Kingdom was about to be annihilated. She reported this to the Minister of security. He took no action.

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