A rare image of an unfinished glass of Mercury Drink.

Mercury Drink is the most popular drink in the Multiverse, and is the #1 slot in the BME. It was created by SmarT Co. Inc. Industries on December 21, 2132 (and released soon afterward, you just HAVE to keep up with Christmas), and like all SmarT products, was an instant success, more so than usual. It claims to be 100% slightly(sub)-safe, however health issues have risen in recent years.

History Edit

The mercury drink was invented by chemist Edgar Allan Tycho for SmarT Co. Inc. Industries on December 21, 2132. Tycho claimed that:

"...[Tycho] invented mercury drink when I combined nonpropertyium with mercury that I had in my lab, actually it was an accident but that's beside the point. I discovered that the solution remained the same in its physical properties, but further examination determined that it was no longer dangerous to the body (however, this claim of him doing a proper test of this is disputed due the fact Tycho was a liar and a drunkard). Being only slightly drunk at the time, I tried some of it and discovered it was wonderful tasting! I sent the solution to SmarT immediately."

Agreeing with Tycho, SmarT released the product on December 22, 2132, to keep up with Christmas. The product became a hit (as is usual with all SmarT products), but mercury drink seemed even more of a hit than was usual. The drink is now the #1 drink in the multiverse, followed by second-place -(.

Variations Edit

Mercury drink has been made into a variety of colors and flavors besides the basic mercury. It has also been made into soap, toothpaste, ice cream, lotion, and explosives. Also, mercury drink is a common ingredient in baby milk.

Health Concerns Edit

Lately, due to strange deaths that seem to be similar to old mercury deaths from mercury drink addicts has raised the issue of the drink's safety. It was reported that Tycho had died at an early age due to a poising of an unknown element that seemed to be bonded with nonpropetyium. Also, Tycho had claimed he was drunk at the time and that he was a liar it is speculated that Tycho actually hallucinated about the test results. It has also been argued about SmarT's lack of testing because of the coming Christmas season. Although, nobody listens to these skeptics because they all like mercury drink too much.