A magnosphere bottle

A magnosphere bottle is a bottle made from pure magnonium, and is generally used in the containment of antimatter and the preservation of amputated body parts.

History Edit

The magnosphere bottle was invented by Fredrick P. Allen. He managed to solidify pure magnonium, using an, at the time, experimental Zylik Field. Passing the magnonium through the field, it instantly created a sphere shape that retained the property of magnonium to trap only antimatter and to release it when heated to 40°C. He also discovered that the field always produced an area 1 inch² that was weaker than the rest and therefore always produced the antimatter in the direction of that the "weak spot" was facing. The sphere also retained a slight Zylik Field around it. Sending the product to SmarT Co. Inc. Industries, it became a product, and as always, an instant success.

Magnosphere Bottle

Another magnosphere bottle.

Uses Edit

The magnosphere bottle is used in a variety of ways, the most major in the containment of antiplasma and the creation of antiplasma rifles. Magnosphere bottles are also used for containing of amputated body parts because of the sphere's Zylik Field, due to the Zylik Field’s preservative properties. Smaller Magnosphere bottles can also be made from another magnosphere bottle by passing magnonium through the sphere's Zylik Field, although this is a rare practice as a sphere created from another sphere is 1/10 the size of the original sphere, and most spheres are palm-sized. A recent development in Zylik Field technology now allows the spheres to be stamped in non-sphere shapes, such as the batteries for antiplasma rifles.