The Machine of Genocide was a tool of massive destruction used only once, during the war of Terra 5. It was desined to completely and painfully destroy the population of a planet by dissolving their atoms into the fabric of the multiverse, causing them to not only damage the multiverse, but also cause the victim(s) to experience everything ever. The multiversal court has banned the use of the Machine due to his harming effects and its distubing effects.

Its creationEdit

Who created the Machine of Genocide is not currently known, but it is rumored that it was a conglomerate of extreme evil founded sometime before the creation of even chaos itself. However, this has been dismissed as a myth due to the fact that before chaos there was Swiss Cheese, and no evil can come from that.


The Machine of Genocide is generally about the size of a pack of playing cards, but it must be housed in a protective casing the size of Jupiter. This ensures no accidental set-offs occur.

The Machine todayEdit

The Machine itself was destroyed and the knowledge of how to create one was confined to a quantum space pocket for all eternity. A model is now on display at the Museum for the History of Advanced Sciences.

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