The Luxans (LUXIZA Luxio superior) are a cold-blooded race of humanoids that reside on several of the major planets of the Granaam system, primarily the planet of their origin, Luxiza. They pride themselves immensely on their economy and its efficiency, which stems from the simple system of bludgeoning all those who don’t buy from the right shops over the head repeatedly. As a result, most of Luxiza and its neighboring planets have been taken over by companies like Macrosoft, SmarT Co. Inc. Industries and Calell.

Evolutionary HistoryEdit

Luxans are an Unievolutionary species, meaning that their forms have changed little since their emergence into Stage iv of the Evolutionary Stage Scale due to the fact that Luxiza is a Phase V planet in a Giay-Vellum Cycle that is predicted to persist for approximately 5 billion years in terms of at the time of this writing.

Common AncestorEdit

Extensive Time Travel studies on Luxiza have traced Luxio superior to Stage i bacteria and forward into Stage ii, early Luxizan equivalents of Terran amphibians, i.e. cold-blooded hemoglobin circulatory system through a combination of oxygen extraction from air and water. In Stage iii, the Luxans’ ancestor began assuming more humanoid characteristics and thus spending less time out of the underwater environment. This began their Stage iv evolutionary progress toward their forms as they are today.

Formation of IntelligenceEdit

After the Luxans’ progress into Stage iv, the formation of intelligence occurred through natural selection and general evolutionary needs. They discovered the idea of a surplus food stock quite rapidly along their development as a species and quickly established the foundations of commerce and economy, as well as the tenets of the aforementioned bludgeoning Luxan economic system. As a direct result, most of Luxiza’s most legendary minds were unexpectedly bludgeoned to death before they could discover electromagnetism, basic geometry, the wheel and so on. These were later discovered through funded grants.

The Luxans as they are todayEdit

Today, the Luxans bear almost no resemblance to their water-dwelling evolutionary forebears, lacking gills, scales, or any kind of augmented swimming appendages like fins or flippers. Their appearance is that of a slightly reptilian humanoid shape, but all in all there is not much difference between a Luxan and a Human, although an average person of either race could be able to distinguish the two through key differences like eye shape, warmth of extremities and habits like basking in the sun (in the case of a Luxan, although Humans have been known to do this too for no known reason) and sensitivity to changes in temperature (in the case of a Human, although Luxans have been known to exhibit this in terms of low temperature due to their lack of a blood-heating system). Luxans, unlike their reptilian ancestors, do not hibernate, but they have been known to have adverse effects toward low temperatures. This effect is also the reason for the ice-cold temperature of most Luxan barroom beverages, as these simulate the effect of alcohol and drunkenness. Due to their boron-carbon composition Luxans are immune to alcohol, and will in fact simply pass it straight through their digestive system if it is ingested. Luxans instead value chilled beverages of different types, and can get very "drunk" off a well-chilled shot of something as mild as cold water. This was not realized at the time of Human contact, and several top members of the Luxan cabinet ended up incapacitated when offered ice water at formal contact meetings. Luxans, like any other race, enjoy the full benefit of bookahol, once translated to Luxizan (even though Luxans that can read Galactic Standard can sample bookahol, the nuances of the best parts are lost through misunderstanding, cultural difference and grammar problems). They also emit a soft white glow when agitated, which is the reason behind their name (Lux in Latin means light).

The EconomyEdit

The Luxans’ most prominent feature is their unique system of economy, known in the native Luxan language (Luxizan) as Dywaryan, or transliterated, Buy or Be Hit. This economy system has resulted in medical technology and commercial clinics within Dywaryan to flourish beyond all imagination. As a result, the Granaam system has some of the most advanced medical research in the entire multiverse. The economy system also eliminates competition from those of any existing company and therefore, all planets operating under this scheme have one company for each product and/or service and very rarely, two or more companies operating the same services with an infinitesimal difference.

Luxan CultureEdit

Luxans are extremely proud of (to the point of reverence) their system of economy and their advanced medical technology, known in Luxizan as Saliryanlhivjra (Been Hit, Now Cure). This has resulted in endless complications with attempts to propagate Dywaryan and Saliryanlhivjra throughout the galaxy and the general populations of inhabited planets. The planets that do accept Dywaryan immediately undergo economic collapse as companies fight to take over and as a whole rarely survive the changeover. This makes the Luxans unique in the whole span of the multiverse as the only race that uses Dywaryan and yet still continues to live. Throughout the year, each Luxan family sets aside part of their income for their annual festival known as “The Festival”. In the Festival, every Luxan goes on a buying spree with the savings of the year, known as the Festival Fund. In the evening, they then sort through what they bought and gather what they really don’t need. After this, the entire population of Luxans on their respective planets toss all their unneeded purchases into the nearest river, which is diverted to run into a rocket capsule that takes off at precisely midnight on each planet. The rockets from each planet all meet at the same time (thanks to temporal relativistics technology) and make a fantastic explosion that is seen at midnight the following night on all of the planets (also thanks to temporal relativistics). Any materials that did not make it to the rocket are left in the canals when the rivers are rediverted, and are collected by the trash-reclamation, treasure-hunting and recycling companies.

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