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A chunk of pure LAWLite.

LAWLite is the chemical element with atomic number 179. LAWLite is generally created from an @-bomb explosion, or other actions having to do with the technology. It is highly radioactive, yet it is surprisingly stable and has a half-life of 399 billion years. LAWLite can easily bond with almost all materials, excluding Swiss Cheese. LAWLite is represented on the periodic table with the symbol @.

Discovery Edit

LAWLite was discovered shortly after the first use of an @-bomb by SmarT Co. Inc. Industries. Wreckage from the destroyed quantum pocket was blown into another universe and was discovered by Zhnilthxlk Cklaqui on the planet Tek, and was subsequently named LAWLite by him. LAWLite has since been a common material in the multiverse since the 9 millisecond war. It is generally avoided or disposed of because of its highly radioactive properties and its tendency to bond with anything it touches.

Properties Edit

LAWLite is one of the most stable radioactive elements in the multiverse, mainly due to its unnatural ability to bond with almost all elements. LAWLite is a clear red and also has a reddish glow, and a hardness of 4 on the harness scale. LAWLite is incredibly radioactive with its distinct @-radiation. It generally forms in a crystalline structure, and is very similar to glass. LAWLite is one of the few elements that cannot be destroyed by an @-bomb (which is the reason areas affected by @-bombs still survive as pure LAWLite). LAWLite does not have any isotopes known currently. LAWLite melts at a currently unknown temperature.

Uses Edit

LAWLite has only been used in biological warfare. That's right. Even SmarT won't use this stuff.

Enviromental Damage Edit

Most compounds of LAWLite are inert with a few exceptions, and breaking them apart usually is not worth the expended energy. Therefore, high exposure to LAWLite in any biosphere will eventually clog the environment with LAWLite compounds. As well as this, any devices used to handle LAWLite must be made from the few LAWLite-resistant materials such as Fictionium, Quantonium or Swiss Cheese. Each one of these materials has their own respective problems: Fictionium presents a risk that is quite high, as all tools and implements made of Fictionium vanish under proof of its impossible Graviton-Polaron Ratio; Quantonium tools fall into flux if left unobserved, and Swiss Cheese, though strong when mature, is highly tasty and therefore not viable as handlers of LAWLite. Current protocol states that LAWLite must be handled with Quantonium implements, as these pose the least risk of LAWLite leak.

(See also Mercury LAWLite Disaster of 3.6 BYA.)

Common Compounds bonded with LAWLite Edit

LAWLium($ @_5H_2O $), LAWLron ($ Fe@_2 $), LAWLercury (Hg_2@), MagLAWL (Fe_3O_4@_3)

Its importance in the GSOT is #179.