June 31 - A date that relates very closely to paradoxical occurences. It has been known to be an extremely paradoxical date in itself, as the date does not really exist as it were within a stable spacetime continuum. When June 31st comes about on a planet, the probability of paradoxical occurrences are, paradoxically, reduced to nearly zero, but still paradoxically, the paradoxes that do happen act as if the paradox chances were much higher, and therefore, even more paradoxically, are extremely severe. See also February 30, Blue moon, Pigs flying and Hell freezing over.

Caloris IncidentEdit

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June 31st is possible of great destruction when the chances of a paradox are high (paradoxically). This in fact happened (paradoxically) on Mercury when June 31st coincided (paradoxically) on the first and second days of operation of the new Caloris Mercury Drink Plant, which was set to produce massive amounts of Mercury Drink. During those two days (which paradoxically were both June 31st, and people found themselves going through the day twice), infinite thunderstorms floated above sunny days while metal buildings collapsed into neatly stacked pieces of timber; Fictionium samples refused to disappear when confronted with proof of its own existence, leading to havoc in the decanting depot; 2+2 equaled 2; the binary systems in the management system were overrun with every number except 1 and 0; and internet access was so fast that it began displaying pages from before the Holo-network. In the end, a fractal tornado demolished the complex so thoroughly that the underground manufacturing plants simply vanished, leaving the tourist attraction known as the Caloris Caves today.