Jilroi was a planetoid that was once the largest raw-material production facilities in the 7th Quadrant. It was the supplier for almost the entire production line of SmarT Co. Inc. Industries before its destruction in the SmarT War of 2134. It was also the only source of Sayfael thanks to the unique mixture of pollutants and toxins in its soil.


Jilroi was once a substandard asteroidal fragment of system MY-11441, now known as Lakist, which was terraformed by SmarT during the beginnings of their expansion into the U of U of U of U and transformed into a raw material supplier the size of the now-destroyed planetoid Pluto. The dumping grounds for the factories soon grew massive amounts of spacegrass and along with that, plenty of Sayfael. Sayfael was shipped from Jilroi to all places in the SmarT empire and was stolen by Entente and Coalition forces from many locations during the SmarT War of 2134.


During the SmarT War of 2134 in the Battle of Jilroi/Maila, Jilroy and its neighboring manufacturing planetoid Maila were unexpectedly blown up when SmarT’s loss became inevitable. It is generally thought that SmarT detonated the two factory planetoids to avoid their designs for the SMT Disruptor from falling into enemy hands. Luckily, thanks to the Time Agents, in particular The One-Thousandth-And-Twenty-Second Agent, Maila was retrieved from the space-time-probability matrix and the plans for the SMT Disruptor were recovered.


Jilroi’s destruction led to the loss of the only supply of Sayfael within the multiverse, and therefore medical technology was forced to continue working with ineffective cures. The Time Agents were widely blamed for the loss of Jilroi, despite the fact that the SMT Disruptor, had it been manufactured and put to action, would have caused much more death than the loss of Jilroi could ever have done.


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