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Polaron Synchotron

Schematics for the IPS.

The Isaacland Polaron Synchotron, or IPS, is one of the most celebrated achievements of the [[|Universe of Universe|Universe]]. It is a sprawling complex under Isaacland, on Earth. Among some of the most influential discoveries made by the IPS are the "tasty" and "sqr!¤*p" quarks, as well as the chickenion and emoticon.


The IPS is the first polaron synchotron ever built, as well as the first particle accelerator to use BRB Technology in generating energies for acceleration. The Point Of Origin (POO) is situated at the beginning of a Linear Accelerator with BRB-powered Polaron Accelerator Field Generators situated at several points on the line. The Linear Accelerator diverts into Acceleration Ring One via the Linear-Ring Intersection Point, where polarons are accelerated by conventional superconducting magnets powered by BRB energy to speeds of up to 1 TeV. When a test is in progress, a polaron is let into Acceleration Ring Two via one of the Ring-Ring Intersection Points and accelerated through Brizospace Energy Extraction to quantum lightspeed while being monitored by the Monitoring Station. It is then diverted to one of three targets.


2031 - IPS Paradox
2031 - Discovery of sqr!¤*p quarks
2031 - Discovery of tasty quarks
2031 - Discovery of the chickenion
2032 - Discovery of the square wheel
2032 - Discovery of Mulibarite
2033 - Discovery of Hatium
2035 - Discovery of the Kilroy meson
2036 - Positronium Leak
2036 - Time Paradox of 1943 hits IPS, Fictionite never discovered
2036 - Discovery of the Unproducton
2038 - Proven analyses of the bigon with experimental data; later backed up by Lunar Polaron-Proton Synchotron
2040 - Discovery of the emoticon
2045 - Maintenance cycle fails, IPS shut down for 5 years (Eears)
2047 - IPS switches briefly with shut down IPS due to temporal mechanics error
2050 - IPS put back into operation
2060 - IPS experiences a temporal mechanics error and switches with shut down IPS
2062 - Discovery of k-space and Connect Ion
2063 - Resources diverted from research for 2063 Solar-Centauran War
2077 - IPS brought back into operation
2081 - Discovery of Moneyium
2100 - Centennial celebrations burn down Monitoring Station
2105 - Monitoring Station repaired
2107 - Discovery of the Helpion
2120 - DeLorean Time Machine crashes into Monitoring Station and burns it down
2126 - Monitoring Station rebuilt with fire-resistant materials
2130 - Discovery of the Inequelion
2134 - IPS shut down due to SmarT War of 2134
2135 - SmarT atmospheric cruiser blows up Monitoring Station
2135 - Monitoring Station moved underground
21XX - SmarT War of 2134 ends
2148 - Bigon Incident
2152 - Everything except the Monitoring Station burns down
2152 - IPS shut down permanently, structure reintegrated into the Isaacland Near-Tripled Energy Reaction of Nonmass Action Tested Integration Operational N-Acceleration Lifter, or INTERNATIONAL.


Main article: IPS Paradox

On February 30th, 2031, the day the Isaacland Polaron Synchotron was activated, some voiced the opinion that as polarons supposedly had no mass, how was it that they were only able to achieve quantum lightspeed? This hypothesis was tested by allowing a polaron in Accelerator Ring Two to exceed quantum lightspeed, then lightspeed, then as it crossed the speed-of-light barrier, it created a breach in the fabric of the space-time-brizo-quanta continuum and radically altered circumstances in the Island of Zed, leading to a minor paradox in time-dates of major historical events including the creation of the Gregorian Calendar and the discovery of the Bermuda Triangle. This meant that the experiment daidn't happen, which led to -( Creationium paperweights being created on the desk of James K. Phalen, which led to the SmarT War of 2134 Treaty not being signed. The polaron then collided with the dth degree space wavefront of the Time Paradox of 1943, which compounded the chain reaction of Brizospace BRB Energy Exchanges, then was propelled deep into the past and wreaked havoc with the Great Attractor.