Immediate Ventilation Bookahol is a category of bookahol that is reserved for the unintentional user or the bookaholic in withdrawal. This can be in the form of a newspaper, magazine, sign, poster, or (in extreme cases) a text on a cell phone. Many people are content to merely sample bookahol through one of these mediums, but a true bookaholic almost never has to resort to IV bookahol for sustenance. Those who merely sample, often qualify as casual or unintentional users of bookahol.

ER EpisodesEdit

An Emergency Read is the most common reason that IV bookahol is used. And ER episode is almost always preceded by a long period (two or more days) without reading more than ten pages of bookahol. The most common trigger for this type of event is a prolonged period of time at a summer camp or other such facility where the bookaholic was denied time a proper amount of time to read. The bookaholic will become moody, irritable, argumentative, and possibly nauseated. If you have a bookaholic friend who is showing these symptoms, DO NOT ask them what they read last. This will trigger an immediate panic attack, fist-fight, and/or an ER episode.

An ER episode is characterized by a desperate need to read something. The bookaholic will read random signs, food labels, old texts, other people's newspapers or magazines, or posters. If a bookaholic looks at more than three of these in ten minutes (or reads at least thirty old texts), then they are officially in an ER episode.

Another warning sign is when a bookaholic friend spends at least two minutes staring at the clock, waiting for it to change and provide new reading material. If this happens, get them a book immediately! Any delay will increase the intensity and duration of the ER episode. (If they have been waiting more than two minutes for the clock to change once, get a new clock.)


Websites are a gray area in terms of whether they qualify as sources of bookahol. The general quideline is that if a website has at least five separate pages with more than one paragraph per page, it counts as IV bookahol. If the website has at least ten pages with at least five decent paragraphs a page, then that website that is a source of bookahol.

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