The Great Human Telepathy Incident was an event in the late 2020's involving humans and telepathy.

The CauseEdit

In 2027, the gene for human telepathy was successfully identified by The Human Genome Project. The gene, the first discovered of the multiple-chromosome genes, required a certain stimulus to be activated. In the same year, the cocktail of chemicals that provided this stimulus was perfected and stored under top secrecy as Prepamula W. However, one ship carrying a shipment of Prepamula W was unfortunately lost and stranded in the Bermuda Triangle. No one found the missing shipment because no one wanted to go into the Triangle at the time due to the large amount of myth arrounding it. In 2029, global warming flooded the newly formed island of Gillham and caused an eruption that sent debris flying into the upper stratosphere. It is theorised that this eruption dislodged the the lost ship and sank it, releasing Prepamula W into the oceans.

The ResultsEdit

People began finding that they could read each other's minds and, by concentrating, create objects. This was how Creationium, Brokenium and Fixium were created. However, the world economy began slipping as more and more people began visualising and counterfeiting money.

The EndEdit

The Isaacland Government developed a gene deactivator known as Forration M in 2030 and distributed it via the air. Soon after, the telepathy faded and the counterfeited money vanished. However, the Creationium, Brokenium and Fixium stayed.