Version 1,569023 of The Gibberish Dictionary

The Gibberish Dictionary [ðʌ dʒɪb.ʌr.ɪʃ dɪk.ʃən.ɛr.i] is the most-sold book in the multiverse. It is currently on its 3,133701st edition, and is the only book still printed with the ancient information age material paper. The Gibberish Dictionary, or more commonly known as the GD, is a useful book that explains the meanings of all the known words in the multiverse. It was created by Gibberish Pufferman, and has nothing to do with actual "gibberish".

History Edit

The Gibberish Dictionary was first published on January 4, 2046, and since then has gone through 3,133701 versions and is still active to the present, and is now under protection of the 4th Dimension to prevent its destruction.


Gibberish Pufferman, a failed writer for various dictionaries and encyclopedias, he decided to create a combination of both, with some mild humor and satire. Starting during the early 2020's, it took him almost 16 years before it was published. 11 of those years were spent writing the "Gibberish Encylo-Dictionary", the book's name for the first edition, and it contained 300,000 pages. The book was self-published after years of trying to find a publisher. The first book was hardback-only, although a .PDFHol version was available to buy on the Holo-network.


The Gibberish Dictionary, at first, was not popular. People did not understand the usefulness for an Encyclopedia combined with a Dictionary, and having "gibberish" in the name deterred people from getting the book. However, the next year, 2047, version 2 was released, with the new name of "The Gibberish Dictionary", with a similar Hardback and .PDFHol release, although a mini paperback was also included. This version had added an extra 300 pages and updated many of the other "entries". With this new release, the popularity of the book grew, with an large number of readers from the Holo-Net.

Gibberish Dictionary, Inc.Edit

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Around 2052, when the popularity of the GD (Version 1,291) was enough to be mentioned by the New-New-New-New-New York Times, Pufferman, along with some other supporters, created Gibberish Dictionary, Inc. The company hired writers and journalists to create entries for the book, as an attempt to have a constantly expanding version on the Holo-Net, along with yearly releases of the edited info (the gibberish dictionary had been going through inconsistent releases, usually daily or weekly). They also released a virtual book of the Gibberish Dictionary that Auto-Updated with a Holo-Net connection.

Golden AgeEdit

From about 2055 to 2177 was the "Golden Age" of the Gibberish Dictionary, becoming the #1 reference recourse in the Universe of Universe and being the #1 resource in the multiverse at the Golden Ages's Height. Millions of people were working for Gibberish Dictionary, Inc., and it became one of the hottest jobs in the market. The GD lasted through the creation of SmarT Co. Inc. Industries (they filed to the multiversal court for protection from being bought off by SmarT), the SmarT War of 2134, and even the death of Pufferman on December 26, 2122, and commenting on the events all the way. After Pufferman's death, his son Anjrow Pufferman became CEO of Gibberish Dictionary, Inc. and continued his father's legacy with millions of updates a year.

Fall of Gibberish Dictionary, Inc.Edit

55-year-old Anjrow died on September 12, 2177 in The Great Disaster. Having no living relatives, Gibberish Dictionary, Inc. fell into chaos and eventually collapsed 3 months later on December 24. Timemaster, of the 4th dimension, being a fan of the GD, managed to save the book by buying the rights to it.


Today the Gibberish Dictionary is still owned by Timemaster, and is still constantly updated, although update amounts are less due to the small team working on it rather than millions. It is now the oldest and most-sold book in the multiverse, and stands as the #2 book in the GSOT, behind the Harry Potter series. In terms of everything in the GSOT, the Gibberish Dictionary is #14. SmarT has tried to buy the rights for the book many times, although Timemaster has said he will never sell the GD to people like them. The GD has approximately 436 billion pages, and 983 trillion entries. As a resource, it is only able to be compared with Wikipedia on its usefulness and size. It is the only book still printed in paper.

Lack of a Second Comma Edit

Due to a typo, version 1 million of the Gibberish Dictionary was written 1,000000 instead of 1,000,000. Despite attempts to recall the book, the typo stuck, and version 1 million and 1 was written the same way. This typo has become a symbol of the Gibberish Dictionary and its satire.

Paper Printing Edit

The Gibberish Dictionary comes in many versions, including stone tablets and a virtual book, but is now the only book to be printed on paper, using its own private forest on the planet of Gi'Dwijan. This has sparked some controversy due to the problems with killing trees, however, the Gibberish Dictionary Project (the name of the team of people working on the book), still has the lowest waste output for its class

Versions Edit

The Gibberish Dictionary has been translated into almost all known languages and dialects. The book itself comes in hardback and paperback versions, along with a .holbook online. The GD also comes in some interesting languages and mediums, like Latin, Kinkapol and Esperanto for the former and Stone and Ice for the latter.