Molten Map

A map of Gi'Dwijan with its larger continents labeled.

Gi'Dwijan [dʒ?dʍɪ.dʒɑːn] is the 2nd planet from the star Jivv. It is mostly inhabitable, the surface being 3/4 covered in molten rock. The planet is home to various colonies, however, due to the rich amounts of Quantonium. This has led to some complications in the past with the observation of the Quantonium mines.


The different colonies on Gi'Dwijan compete for Quantonium, with each trying to make money off of the mineral.

Gi\'Dwijan Natives

Mindless drones created for the mines of Gi'Dwijan


This colony exports Quantonium and another mineral that is so far only found in the mine near their colony. This second mineral is Trixium. It has a tendency to disappear and reappear. Shippers tend not to trust cargo send out from Ha'Gotcha because half of the shipments will disappear and return spontaneously, making it hard to set a stable price for shipping it.


This is the least well-built colony and is on the poorest vein of Quantonium that can still be considered a vein. They have few exports and can barely stay up from year to year.


This colony was the second colony to be established when Gi'Dwijan was first being settled.


Ko'Zantramalta is the only "colony" that has no humans as residents. It is technically not a colony, but a reservation for the alien race that was native to the planet.


This colony has access to the largest vein of Quantonium on the planet and it is constantly involved in lawsuits when other colonies steal from their warehouses. This is considered a SmarT Co. Inc. Industries subsidery, but the region is unstable due to Entente and Coalition insurgents. They have dug almost to the planet's core in an attempt to beat the other colonies to the large deposits of Quantonium.


This colony is on one of the poorer veins on the planet. Because of their ill-chosen location they are involved in most of the thefts from other mining locations. This is an Coalition Colony and is suspected to harbor a "Bank" of the Black merchandise exchange.


This colony is on fairly rich vein of Quantonium, but they ship it out steadily rather than in short bursts of sales. This provides a much more stable economy and allows the miners a fairly constant source of income. This is the location of Gibberish Dictionary help desk and forest.


Os'Tanomar is not a colony of miners, but a colony of lawyers. They are the richest colony because of the constant lawsuits against Me'Wanharnt. The colony is split into two groups, the colonists hired by the plaintifs, and those hired by miners from Me'Wanharnt. This Colony is Entente-occupied and gets a fair share of the wealth generated there.


This is the colony of intellectuals whose job it is to assign pi values to degrees of nerdity. They do very little mining, instead they are on a section of Quantonium-poor soil. Their income is from hiring out the best intellects to build computer processors to run the machines that purify Quantonium.


This colony functions as the center of government for the planet. Every year representatives from the other colonies come and meet at Qu'Eenandking to decide their policies and tariffs for the next year.


This is the colony which all the other colonies pay not to attack them. Each year Ro'Binhud send out raiders privateers to collect the tributes from the other colonies. The colony that sends the lowest tribute is attacked visited by pirates representatives from Ro'Binhud.


Sa'Shreisalesh is a fairly average colony. They pay their tributes and tariffs and try to stay out of the general political mess that is Gi'Dwijan.


This colony is another fairly average mining colony. However, they seem to have a strange affinity with spiders, their particular vein of Quantonium is crawling with them.

Ecosystem Edit

Gi'Dwijan generally is void of life outside the colonies, due to its voliatle, volcanic state. However, the planet has spawned interesting, lava-based life, like the RockFish and the Molten Flower.

Geology Edit

Gi'Dwijan's islands were formed from several massive volcanos that have now gone dormant (excluding Os'Tanomar's lawyer square). The rocks are primarily volcanic and the stable surface is mainly a string of islands. However, Gi'Dwijan has a constantly changing surface on its molten seas. An island one day could be gone the next, due to the constant cooling and heating of the lava. This makes ocean maps unreliable, and therefore most travel is done by air or teleportation, although the latter method is unreliable because of the planet's extreme magnetic feild.

Civilization Edit

Humans in the colonies of Gi'Dwijan are constricted to tiny "bubble cities" that are within pure Quantonium domes that are connected by a series of tubes. Everything on the planet must be imported, even Quantonium due to the complexity and delicate nature of the refining process. Air is stable there due to forests and plant life placed throughout the domes, generally with many kinds from all over, making a surreal forest with a lava backdrop. Most jobs on the planet are mining, which is a loborious job where protective suits must be worn, with usually intense conditions, especially in La'Keaninas, where some areas extend deep into the planet.

The "bubble cities" are remarkably hard to maintain, as Quantonium falls into flux when not observed. Therefore, a constant array of cameras and watchmen are set up all over each city as to keep observing each part of the dome that keeps the intense heat and lava out. Also, mindless drones are spawed to do menial work.