Generica 20XX is a hit band that was formed no where near the year 20XX, but rather on the September of 2144. It is #22 on the music charts, with several hit songs that include AHH!! A SLOGWORM IS BITING OFF MY LEGS!!, The Corrective is Annoying Me, and Of Course There's Mercury In That Drink. The band consists of guitarist Valentine Sharon, drummer Robert Bobson, and keyboardist Oliver Dane. They currently exist in the Universe of Universe of Universe of Universe, but originally came from the Universe of Universe.


Ironically, unlike most hit bands in Earth's history, Generica 20XX was founded in extremely ordinary circumstances. Sharon, Dane and Bobson met in kindergarten in 2099, decided to combine their already-flourishing musical talent, and became a success overnight (and one of those truly annoying kid bands with toy instruments that stand on your lawn and don't get off until you give them money). Of course, the fact that Mind Control Candy also was distrubuted on the eve of their success may have had something to do with it. However, while being a success, they produced not much of value during this time. They themselves did not get mind-controlled for some reason, and didn't notice anything wrong for some reason.

SmarT War of 2134Edit

When Generica 20XX became a more young adult band, they realized that the SmarT War of 2134 was beginning. They quickly got off Earth and escaped into the Universe of Universe of Universe of Universe. There, they became a motivational band and wrote their first hit single, SmarT War O' 2134 (song).


After the war, Generica 20XX continued to make albums, the most notable ones being Resistance Might Actually Work and So Not Copied.

Universe of Universe of Universe of Universe EquivalentsEdit

In the Universe of Universe of Universe of Universe, Valentine Sharon is a folk singer, Robert Bobson is a baker and Oliver Dane died in a car accident (incidentally, that is why there is no equivalent band in the U of U(x4)).