Fictionium [fɪk.ʃəniːʌm] is an extremely strong metal mined on the lost planet of Qwerty.

History Edit

Fictionium was first synthesized in 2031 by a freelance physichemist, Charles Qwerty. After applying a constant stream of Polarons on a target of Unobtainum, he created a bluish metal that had a completely impossible graviton-polaron ratio. When he tried to apply the data, he found that the sample had disappeared. Frustrated, Qwerty tried again. The same thing occurred. After several tries, Qwerty concluded that the metal embodied a certain part of the Observer Effect and could not be confronted with proof of its own nonexistence and/or impossibility of its own existence.


In 2050, Gravitational Aberration V-17 was discovered to be a planet containing high amounts of Fictionium, and therefore was named Qwerty in honor of Charles. The mining colonies had to be built carefully on land that was Fictionium-poor, as skeptical miners could vanish an entire seam in an instant, leaving gargantuan voids in the crust. Qwerty's main business and shipping now is based on its depleted moon, Uiopasd.


At first, Fictionium was used in starships in the official Solar Fleet during the 2063 Solar-Centauran War. As Fictionium has almost no mass, they were fast, agile and extremely deadly. However, the Centaurans developed a battle tactic involving scanning the graviton-polaron ratio of said battle ship and broadcasting it back using high energy reportion beams, causing all parts of the ship made of Fictionium disappear with disastrous results.

Realion BondingEdit

In 2032, Realion was discovered. When bonded with Fictionium, the two make an alloy now known as Fictionite, which has all the desirable properties of Fictionium, but has a reasonably real graviton-polaron ratio. This entry is listed after the Solar-Centauran War because due to the Time Paradox of 1943, in the official ruling of the Multiversal Court it occurred after the war.

Conservation of MatterEdit

Fictionium appears to violate the Law of Conservation of Energy in the form of matter as the Fictionium "disappears". However, Fictionium does not disappear as such, but rather undergoes a form of paradoxical destruction in that the Fictionium cannot handle its nonexistence and disappears. The Fictionium then travels to the past and assumes its own identity.