Coalition Symbol

The Coalition Insignia.

The Coalition is a breakaway faction of the Entente, formed in 2003 as another political party in the Universe of Universe. Although their political opinions differ, there have been no major wars since the Breakaway Skirmishes.



Alexander Tyras Bronson first came up with the idea of a political party in which strong individual parties helped each other in a mutual alliance. He started this party in the US Senate in 2003. The Coalition Party ran Bronson for US President in 2004, but no one even noticed. In the Universe of Universe, the 2008 reformation of the USA into the USC led to the fleeing of Earth and the reorganization of the Entente around the Galaxial Core. In the Universe of Universe of Universe, the Coalition Party faded from history and all documents regarding it were destroyed, leading the the general belief that it was never there. Alexander Tyras Bronson wiped his records and moved to the Universe of Universe.


In 2016, the Coalition Party separated from the Entente and became the Coalition due to political differences. A few skirmishes broke out, but the separation was mostly peaceful. There was one minor war over possession of Planet Φܩ12B in 2156, but that was resolved when the planet was blown up by accident. The Planet Φܩ12B War also caused SmarT to forget to produce their quota of Mind Control Candy, and ultimately resulted in the creation of the Black merchandise exchange.

SmarT War of 2134Edit

The Coalition actively fought SmarT in the SmarT War of 2134 both in the Universe of Universe and the Universe of Universe of Universe. This resulted in extended cooperative efforts between the Coalition and the Entente.


For a full list of Coalition Technology, click here.

The Coalition are best known for their Matter-Antimatter Focus Technology, which sees its most common use in the COLT-45 Antiplasma Rifle. It is also used in Qoph Aligners to strengthen Polaron and Antipolaron beams for collision. Also, an important piece of Coalition technology is the antiuniverse probe, this is great in searching for antisuns from which to collect antiplasma.

Political differences from the EntenteEdit

The Entente believe in a strong central government that holds things together. The Coalition believe in strong parties with independent managements forming a mutual alliance in order to strengthen one another.

Useful stuffEdit

The Coalition use a strange emblem, one that is without any explanation. It appears that the reason behind this is that they broke away from the Entente in kind of a hurry and so just messed around with their colors (green and purple) until they found something. Their motto is "Only working together can we truly be strong".